Who is the person behind Anonymous?

Aubrey Cottle is a hacker, computer security researcher, and software engineer who is best known for being an early member of the hacktivist group Anonymous. Cottle has been active in the hacking community since 2008 and has become a well-known figure in the world of cyber security.

Cottle first gained notoriety in 2011 when he was arrested for his involvement in a series of high-profile cyber attacks. Cottle was charged with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion and served a brief prison sentence. Following his release, Cottle has dedicated his time to researching and developing software to help protect computer systems from cyber threats.

In 2020, Cottle re-emerged as a member of Anonymous. He has been involved in several of the group’s high-profile operations, including the “Operation Payback” campaign against the financial industry and the “Operation Darknet” attack against the dark web. Cottle has also been involved in the development of several tools and techniques used by Anonymous to carry out their operations.

Cottle currently runs his own website, phisher.io, which provides information and resources for computer security professionals. He is also a regular contributor to various online forums and blogs related to cyber security. Cottle is an advocate for the responsible use of technology and is committed to helping people protect their online privacy and security.

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