Is Anonymous still active today?

Is Anonymous Still Active Today?

Anonymous, the decentralized international hacktivist group, has been a major force in the online world since its inception in 2003. The group is known for its high-profile cyber-attacks against government, religious, and corporate websites, as well as its support of various social and political causes.

However, by 2018, Anonymous’ media profile had diminished significantly. The group had become less active, and its members had largely gone their separate ways.

But in 2020, Anonymous re-emerged with a vengeance. The group has been particularly active in the wake of the George Floyd protests, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and other causes. Anonymous has also targeted police departments and government websites, releasing confidential information and disrupting their operations.

In addition, Anonymous has been vocal in its opposition to government censorship and surveillance. The group has also been involved in a number of other causes, including environmental protection, animal rights, and anti-corruption efforts.

It is clear that Anonymous is still active today. The group has been a major force in the online world for nearly two decades, and its members are still working to promote their various causes. While the group’s media profile may have diminished in recent years, its members are still very much active and engaged in the fight for social justice.

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